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Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Sun Mar 3 18:03:00 EST 2002

> #1. I am using the Mac version of Revolution and it seems *extremely*
> unstable... 
Try using the latest beta - version 1.1.1B1. It seems much more stable than
the release version.

> #2. I have a stack with a substack... And the substack needs to get access to
> the controls on it's parent stack....
Use "the mainStack of this stack". This gives you the name of the parent
stack. Note that if you build an application with the substacks as separate
files, this will stop working and you will have to use the exact stack name.
If the stacks become separate files then each of them is it's own mainStack.

> #3. When you are referring to a "font size" in Revolution are they in "pixels"
> or "points"?...  
Points I guess, same as when you select a font size from a normal font menu
in any application.

> #4. What I have done is setup the "main stack" as a data-entry screen for the
> user and a substack which contains the printed page(s)...   The reason I have
> done this, I guess, is because the data entry screen is not laid out the same
> as the printed screen.... Have I done this correctly or is my approach
> non-standard?... 
This sounds like a good way to go.

> #5. Perhaps this question is more suited to a fontologist (is there such a
> thing?), but I'll post it here just in case anyone knows....  Because of the
> limited amount of space available to print information, I have to in some
> cases use some pretty small fonts, which print properly but on the screen are
> difficult to read.... Is it possible to simply increase the font size by a
> couple of sizes for the screen?....
I'm no expert on this sort of stuff but perhaps a better approach might be
to leave the screen display big enough to be legible, but shrink the
printout. There was a thread on this list a while ago talking about such
things and as far as I remember they came up with a script something like
    print this card into "0,0,600,800"

Another idea to consider is using the formattedWidth, the formattedHeight &
the formattedText to arrange your fields or text to fit.

> #6. When I am programmatically creating new fields on my "print form" to
> contain the text, do I have to remove them when I am finished or the next time
> the form is printed will the old fields still be there?.....
If you save the stack, they'll be there next time. Otherwise they will be
gone next time the stack is opened, but not between uses if the application
is left open. Do you need to create new fields? Perhaps you could make them
in advance but have them hidden.

> #7. Originally what I wanted to do was set a TIFF image (converted to a PNG)
> as a background for the printed page...
Can't help here but I am interested in any ideas that you get from other


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