Real-time video capture and analysis

Ken Norris (dialup) pixelbird at
Wed Jun 26 00:16:01 CDT 2002

on 6/25/02 4:03 PM, Richard D. Miller at wow at wrote:

> First, is there a way to display video real-time within Rev (even 10 fps
> will do)? And secondly, if so, would it be possible to draw on those frames
> while they are coming into Rev? I'd probably be using a simple live motion
> video camera like ZoomCam hooked up via USB or Firewire.
Thanks for asking, Richard. I don't know, but I bet someone does, and I
can't wait to see the answers, too. I bet QuickTime's new MPEG-4 feature
will more than meet your needs.

Ken N.

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