Mystery Groups

Bob Arnold rfarnold at
Mon Jun 24 19:09:01 CDT 2002

I have some "mystery groups" in some of my RR stacks, probably created when
I was stumbling about learning the ins and outs of groups -- they have id
numbers, but when placed on a card, only show up as a tiny box. Trouble is,
I cannot delete or ungroup or otherwise get rid of them. When I cut, clear,
etc. they seem to go away, but still show up under the Place group command
and in the application overview (or whatever it is called). How can I get
rid of them?

One reason I ask is that I am having trouble with groups, including my meny,
in one of my stacks -- the menu group is there, I can edit it, but it
doesn't appear on the stack object info as an option for the menubar -- any


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