saving stacks under WIN and VPC

Kurt Kaufman kurtkaufman at
Mon Jun 24 17:04:00 EDT 2002

 From the RunRev User Guide:

When you save changes to an existing stack file, Revolution creates a 
backup copy (with the same name as the file, plus a ~ character at the 
end of the name) before saving, then deletes the backup copy after the 
file has been saved. This ensures that the data will not be lost if the 
save operation fails.

If you find a stack file whose name ends in ~, it means the save 
operation wasn’t completed successfully. If this happens, delete (or 
move) the original stack file (which may have been corrupted by the 
incomplete save), and rename the ~ file by deleting the ~ character from 
the end of the name.

Since the ~ file is a backup copy, it contains the full contents of the 
stack as of the last time it was saved.

Since you say the ~ file is also unusable, there seems to be an 
additional problem.  Is the stack file name very long? (I've solved 
stack-saving problems by limiting the length of the stack's name).

HTH, Kurt

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