saving stacks under WIN and VPC

guy jacquesson guy.jacquesson at
Mon Jun 24 12:59:01 CDT 2002

Thanks for your message, Jeanne.
But the problem is probably elsewhere...
I have a line of script such as:
save stack myStack  -- for instance, "myStack" contains "test"
and under VPC, the command doesn't come to an end.
I must use "ctrl-alt-del" to quit. And when I look at my files under the 
finder, I've now TWO files !
Suppose "myStack" was "test.rev"; I've now:

test.rev~ (yes, with a "tilde")

And the first "test.rev" is SMALLER than the original one; the second is 
about the correct size. But BOTH are unusable...
I don't know what is the meaning of that tilde?

Best regards,

Guy Jacquesson
Mayotte island, Indian Ocean.

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