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Glen L. Bledsoe glenbledsoe at
Sun Jun 23 12:11:01 CDT 2002


I've just started using Revolution, and I've got a few easy to answer 
questions. I'm coming from a background of HyperCard and SuperCard, so 
I'm not having too much trouble picking Revolution up. It was a bit of a 
shock not to have data saved automatically as it is in HyperCard and 
SuperCard, but the Rinaldi plugin works great.

First question: If I create a stack in which the user creates new cards 
within that stack, will those new cards be saved? My brief 
experimentation doesn't indicate that.

Second question: I want to create a stack in which the user can type in 
a field and change the font, size and style. I can create those menus, 
but I don't know what scripts to put in them. (I do know how to handle 
this in SuperCard, and of course HyperCard created its own menus.) There 
are examples of interesting stacks on the website, but it would be nice 
just to have a very basic example stack that handled basic menus of what 
anybody might find in a basic text editor.

Third question: In the Rinaldi plugin, revPrefsBuilder 1.2, the 
preference file is placed (on a Mac anyway) in the System Folder's 
Preference folder. How would the script need to be changed to place the 
preferences inside the folder with the application. I can see problems 
where someone is moving a stack from computer to computer and the data 
doesn't follow the stack because it's buried in the System Folder. If it 
were in the same folder as the stack, copying the folder would do the 

Glen L. Bledsoe

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