R-R manual shipping UK & Europe

Manuel Companys mcompanys at mac.com
Thu Jun 20 08:13:01 CDT 2002

Dear Kevin,

Please look at this:

> RM             Revolution Manuals                             1
> $79.00        $79.00
>                   Shipping: Manuals DHL European Community Express (EU
> only):        $35.00
> Sales Tax:         $0.00
> Total:       $114.00

€.Don't you, Uk guys, know that European Community does not exists any more.
It's been replaced by European Union several years ago.

€ Don't you know that UK has belonged to both organisations for a bunch of

€ Don't you know that I pay the same to send a letter to Paris, Toulouse,
Athens, Helsinki, or London?  I even could send a card to Nessie in Scotland
just paying the same fee (but I am no sure I would get an answer, though).

€ Why should it be more expensive to send a mail from London to Paris than
from London to Glasgow? Because of latitude? But we pay the same to Sevilla
as to Helsinki.

€ Moreover: why should it be more expensive from London to Paris than from
Paris to London? Is it because of the way the earth rotates? But we pay the
same from Berlin to Paris as from Paris to Berlin!

Sometimes we say that you  British are "impayables" ( but I payed any way,
don't worry ). From UK we'd been used to get Shakespeare, Byron, Kipling,
Peniciline, Radar, the Beetles. And then... uh... Margaret Thatcher, the
hooligans and the mad cows.  ;-)

Moreover, you compelled us to increase the cost of our currency by
compelling us to have a "national side" for our coins, so you can see your
Queen. And after that you refused to share the euro with us! And now I can
get Juan Carlo's or some other uggly King's face when I pay for my
"baguette", but not ER II's who is so popular among us (not that much as
used to be Queen Mum and Lady Di, though).


Instead you are rewarded with a 10 bucks rebate!

"La justice n'est pas de ce monde"


While I was writing this mail, a guy rang saying he had a package for me
from "Monsieur Sven Say-Ah". I never met this person, but the 3 volumes of
R-R 1.1.1 are on my desk all right.

But still think that you should learn how to use the decimal system and
drive your car the way anybody else.does)  ;-)

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