RR software download problems

Bob Arnold rfarnold at bu.edu
Tue Jun 18 15:54:01 EDT 2002

Running MacOS 9, I have been working with the starter kit for MacOS (now
registerd). When I wanted to build a Windows distribution, I was able to
download the windows engine, but when trying to create a stand-alone for
OSX, I repeatedly received a "download error" message. I wasn't able to find
a separate OSX engine on the RR website, but when I downloaded the entire
OSX starter package, I was surprised to find that it was exactly the same as
my original version, lacking any OSX engine that I can find, and still won't
permit an OSX build, and I still can't download the necessary software
successfully. Does one have to be running OSX to download, install, or build
for OSX?

Please help

Robert Arnold
Associate Professor of Film
Boston University
Tel (617) 353-7735  Fax (617) 353-1084

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