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Monte Goulding monte.goulding at
Mon Jun 17 22:14:01 CDT 2002

Hi All

Already, thanks to the great comments & docs in libSMTP I have identified a
number of flaws and extra requirements in the Script Library.

I've uploaded the installer v0.1.1 that includes the latest features and a
copy of libSMTP that I copied the documentation into the Script Library
custom properties. For anyone that is wondering the code is the same (still

New features included are:
 - ability to choose to load a library at startup or not
 - a contributing authors field
 - a version number field
 - a library purpose and general documentation field
 - a large display showing which function or handler is currently selected
(also indicates if it is function or handler)
 - A basic HTML dump so you can print it all out and read it in the bath ;-)
 - stack and filename prefixes are not lib instead of rev to comply with
what is becoming a standard
 - the removal of private scripts from the documentatrion (any script with
the first 4 chars "priv")

Note: if you have installed version 0.1 you will need to delete the files
"revStat.rev and revDataChecking.rev" from the components/save/userscripts
folder. For any other libraries you have made all you need to do is rename
them to libXXX rather than revXXX. Sorry ;-(

At the moment the Script Library only works as a plugin to rev but once I've
got a reasonable feature set I'll do a version for MC (or modify it so it
can work things out itself).

Best regards

Monte Goulding
B.App.Sc. (Hons.)

Executive Director
Sweat Technologies

email: monte at
mobile: (+61) 0421 138 274

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