It'sgoing pretty well, but there are a few little things I can't figure out,like how to enter text directly into a field rather than through the field'sproperties dialog ... But some things are much easier in RR than HC (thesearch and replace capability is wonderful).

Steve Messimer steve at
Mon Jun 17 19:15:00 CDT 2002


I agree with others who have posted replies.  Get a good HC book and start
there.  Probably the best book for complete newbies is Danny Goodman's "The
Complete HyperTalk Handbook".  This book is great because it explains a lot
that is taken for granted in the RR documentation.  Danny does a wonderful
job of explaining messages the message heirarchy, Objects, Handlers etc.
Another book I found extremely useful was "The Waite Group's Tips and Tricks
of the HyperTalk Masters". This is somewhat more advanced but has great
example code for a lot of different occasions.

Almost all of this information is relevant to RR and Transcript. There are
differences and these are explained very nicely in the RR docs.

Get a book, dive in and post questions here. The folks on this list are very
knowledgeble and patient as well.

Good luck.


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