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>on 6/16/02 2:10 AM, John Cuccio at jcuccio at wrote:
> > Are you trying to make all of the buttons the same color or cover them 
>up so
> > they do not show.
> >
> > To make them a different color. Hold Down the shift button while 
> > all the buttons you want. Select the color you want.
> >
> > To hide the buttons use a another button or blank image. Set the layer 
>to a
> > higher number then the buttons you want to hide.
>I seem to have deleted the original post, so please forgve me if I'm 
>in stupidly, but you can always 'hide' (command) and 'show' buttons. Also,
>you can script images just like buttons, and use them to layer over (cover)
>other objects.
>Sometimes I have objects close together and I don't want the user to
>accidentally click wrong ones, so, rather than go through the disconcerting
>process of actually disabling or hiding them, I just temporarily "show" a
>transparent button over them. The user is unaware of this, it's just a 
>to keep them out of trouble without making any noticeable changes to the
>On the other hand, sometimes I cover objects with a graphical image 
>explicitily to depict a covering metaphor, like a curtain, a lid, or a 
>or even something more subtle and whispy, like a translucent color. I think
>you can even animate these into position. I haven't tried this, but I think
>it would be a nice effect in some cases.

What I had was a bunch of buttons with color icons.  You click on them and 
drag to make a map that shows up on a TV screen.  I don't want the people 
looking on the TV screen to really be able to notice the buttons at the top, 
so I need to be able to cover them and make them all the same color.  What I 
ended up doing was making a graphic that covered them up.

Scott Slaugh

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