Battling Windmills

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Fri Jun 14 17:45:01 CDT 2002

On Saturday, June 15, 2002, at 03:46 , Kee Nethery wrote:

>> Stephen Somogyi writes "But Revolution's multi-platform support has an 
>> Achilles' heel: the program's interface doesn't quite adhere to OS X's 
>> conventions.  Revolution's Quit and Preferences options, for example, 
>> aren't under its application menu; they're under the File menu, as in 
>> the classic Mac OS."

>> Is it just me, or is this garbage just one more example of the focus 
>> on form instead of substance (read that lack of depth of research) 
>> that is typical of software reviewers?
>> And whether it is or not, I'll use a big flashing stop-sign-shaped 
>> Quit button and no File menu if it suits the purpose of my 
>> application.  If Mr. Somogyi and other "interface police" want to 
>> focus on that instead of the substance of my application, I'll move my 
>> focus to that I can.
>> Why is it that so many revolutions disintegrate into dictatorships 
>> over time?  Apple gave its users the HyperCard hammer to destroy Big 
>> Brother, then took the hammer away, and now hammers us to do it their 
>> way.  Perhaps it's time to reread Animal Farm and vow to keep the pigs 
>> from destroying the promise of our Revolution?
> If you have ever written reviews for a computer magazine, please chime 
> in.
> Reviews have to appear balanced. Unless the product is universally 
> revered by everyone in the computing community, they have to point out 
> at least one flaw.
> Any publicity is good.

I am startled by the vituperation in the earlier post. Have we not ever 
made any criticism ourselves of the Rev interface, or is that OK because 
it it is in the club? I am one who has written reviews and expect there 
will be plenty of others who have on this list. I am happy for Rev to 
get widespread publicity with so little negativity. Remarkably few 
reviews illustrate depth, sometimes because the reviewer just does that 
for a living (does not know the product) and often because the editor 
who selects the final text could rarely even tell you what the product 
really does. Relax, and enjoy the glow that Rev is getting more public 
reviews. Thanks, Stephan.

If anyone wants support in writing reviews, I hope they might see this 
list as a helpful resource and not as a loony religious clique set to 
hammer them for having opinions with which we disagree.


>  Be thankful.
> Kee Nethery
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