TTS Ways on PC...

Josh Dye Zzyzx at Relia.Net
Fri Jun 14 15:47:01 CDT 2002

    Either that, or does anyone have the actual program? Or know where to
get one? I only have the .dll's. If anyone has the actual Externals
Collection, could you send me over the registration code for it?
(Considering it is free, just that I lost mine, and I don't want to wait
another week to get a new one.)


- Josh Dye

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> Hello,
>     As far as I know of, there is only one way to do Text-To-Speech on a
> That is with the Externals Collection from The original MetaCard. That one
> is starting to bug me, because it keeps saying "Register this now!" or
> something like that. Does anybody else know of any other External that can
> do TTS for me? Thanks!
>  - Josh Dye
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