QT initialization

Klaus Major kmajor at metascape.org
Fri Jun 14 02:40:01 CDT 2002

Hi Kurt,

(well if this is not a genuine german name, there are no german names at 
all ;-)

> From the Transcript Dictionary:
> "It can take Revolution a second or two to load the code needed to use 
> QuickTime, depending on the machine speed. Since this code is only 
> loaded once per session, you can speed up the first occurrence of a 
> QuickTime-related action by calling the QTVersion function during 
> otherwise dead time—for example, during startup of your application—to 
> preload the code."
> I have done this in a preopencard handler, however the first time I 
> request QT services thereafter I still get about a 2 second delay.
> -Kurt

i had this problem, too, when i hd an application that had  a player on 
its first
card that would be started by an mouseenter.

I was wondering for hours what could cause my app to "hang" for a couple 
of secs :-(

Now i just start a player on opencard of the first card of my apps. 
(Windows only ;-)

I just put an empty sound into that player.

Open your favourite sondediting-app.

Create a new sound and just add 1 or 2 millisecs of silence !!!

Save it as "dummy.au" or whatever and start it when your app starts.

Worked fine for me.

Hope that helps...

Regards from germany

Klaus Major
kmajor at metascape.org

I can send you my dummy if you don't have any sound-app.

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