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What about folks like me who may not want to learn how to write server-side code?  I plan to use an existing service like Kagi...

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> > I had that idea of pulling their IP address. I need 
> something else though,
> > that isn't so personal. Something like what Extensor said. 
> I'd like to
> know
> > how you pulled their IP Address and other things. I'd also 
> like to know
> how
> > Extensor pulled their information, and how he got it back 
> to him. Derek,
> how
> > did you get that information back to you?
> >     I thought of it as when they register it, the program 
> would send me
> some
> > information about their computer, and what key they used, to me, via
> E-Mail.
> > Then, if I saw someone registering with the same Serial 
> Number, I could
> use
> > that information that I gathered from their computer, and 
> like Derek said,
> > prosecute the original person that gave the serial number away.
> Originally I setup the pirate checker like this:  I had a 
> line by line list
> of Pirated serial numbers setup in a plain text file on my 
> web site.  When
> someone loaded the program, it would download this list and check it's
> registered serial number against the list of pirated ones.  
> If it got a
> match, it would unregister the software and that would be that.
> Later on when I got the idea for the IP tracking I decided 
> that I would have
> to go a little further than what I had previously done.  
> Instead I wrote a
> Perl script that would gather information about the user (IP, 
> etc) and would
> record them to a log only if their serial number matched that 
> of a pirated
> serial.  And all that had to be done in the program is a 
> simple call to the
> Perl script's URL and it was done.
> Then all you have to do is track the IP to the ISP and boom.  
> Make sure you
> have a log though.  Not having proof can really hinder your efforts.
> Derek Bump
> Dreamscape Software, Inc.
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