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Troy Rollins troy at
Wed Jun 12 10:59:01 CDT 2002

On Wednesday, June 12, 2002, at 11:42  AM, Ben Rubinstein wrote:

>> Besides, if colorizing makes things more difficult to read, why does
>> every scripter I know prefer colorized script?
> Just to move the conversation waaaay off topic - I don't.
> I occasionally find it useful to check for things like an inadvertent
> keyword - but then I have to go to some trouble to take it off again*,
> because I find it really interferes with the readability.  And that's 
> code.
> For prose, I'd say it goes double.

Well, there you are. To each his own, I guess. Although, I'm not sure 
that I have read any colorized "prose" lately. ;)

Your point about "remove colors" is a good one. Sometimes Rev sort of 
loses the ability to "properly" colorize. It might be helpful to shut it 
off, to turn it back on again, and perhaps get better results. I find 
that in some longer scripts, I have to "tab" each individual line, in 
order to get it to correctly colorize.

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