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Tue Jun 11 13:17:01 CDT 2002

>Can I just say thanks to all our customers: we have plenty of users now, and
>yet clearly not a *single* person has given out their serial number, or this
>request, unwanted as it is, would not have been repeated.  That really says
>something.  Thanks.
>Kevin Miller <kevin at> <>
>Runtime Revolution Limited - The Solution for Software Development
>Tel: +44 (0) 870 747 1165.  Fax: +44 (0)1639 830 707.

I want to support your judgement, because this person try it for the 
second time.
The first was also on this list because of me.
I had just installed mac OS X on one of my computer and downloaded 
Revolution for mac OS X
But I couldn't start it. So I asked the list what to do.
The same person (as above) answered : I can help you but you must 
first give me your license serial number.
So I received also an answer from Geoff who says : try to dowload 
again. I did so and it was OK. Why ? I don't know. But I didn't give 
my license serial number to the first peson, obviously.
You may think what a surprise when I read on the list that the same 
person asked it again, without any ambarassment. I thought it was a 
joke and when i read the first answers i thought it more.
Now I read your "official" answer, I see it isn't  joke.
I hope that much people read my text and understand how we must be 
united aroud our project : a good xcard program.




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