Klaus Major kmajor at
Mon Jun 10 10:25:00 CDT 2002

Hi Mark,

> What is the correct syntax to connect to a Valentina database?  Could
> someone post an example?  The docs don't mention it, at least I didn't 
> see
> it in the database topics.  I've downloaded the database examples and 
> tried
> those, but am looking for the simple line to connect to Valentina 
> through a
> script.  My best guess is below...
> revdb_connect("Valentina",,"D:/SoftwareDBDemo/softwaredbdemo.vdb",,)

download the "Database examples" on the "usercontributions"-page and 
check the scripts.

> Also, what do I need to purchase to get rid of the Valentina time limit?
> The application?  Or do I have to get the XCMD?  It seems that if you 
> have
> access to a Mac to use Valentina, then you can use the DB files on a PC 
> as
> well for applications in Rev, and would only need the Mac application in
> such a case.
> Thanks!
> Mark

You need to buy the XCMD for Mac AND for Win to use them crossplatform 
RR. But then you get a copy of the Valentina-app for the Mac for free :-)

It's worth every cent, believe me :-)


Klaus Major
kmajor at

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