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Rob Cozens <rcozens at> wrote:

> The filename is what you give it when it is created.  After that you 
> can change the stack name via script or properties palette and the 
> fileName remains the same...OR you can use a script or the O/S to 
> change the fileName and the stack name remains the same.
> It was people's reference to seeing the window title change that threw me off.

Right. There are actually three name-type properties:

1. filename: the name the stack is stored as by the operating system;  a 
part of the file path. The file on disk can contain a mainstack only, or 
a mainstack along with many substacks. Example: myStackSuite.rev

2. name: the name of a single stack, usually completely different than 
the filename. Often it is fairly short so that typing it in scripts is 
faster. Example: fabStk

3. title: the name that appears in the stack's title bar. If no title is 
supplied and this property is empty, the stack name is used instead by 
default. (If a space is supplied as the title, the title bar displays no 
name at all.) Example: "My Fabulous Stack"

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