Apple Disc Burner access?

Yves Coppé yvescoppe at
Thu Jun 6 13:06:23 CDT 2002

>It appears that DiscBurner can be scripted so AppleScript looks like the way
>to go (which be done from within MC/Rev).
>Disc Burner Suite: Terms to control the Disc Burner application
>burn: Write data to a writable disc
>     burn  a list of disk  -- The disc to burn
>erase: Erase a rewritable disc
>     erase  a list of disk  -- The disc to erase
>quit: Quit the Disc Burner
>     quit
>Class application: Properties of the Proxy Disk application
>     name  string  [r/o]  -- the name
>     version  version  [r/o]  -- the version of the application
>     current disc  disk  [r/o]  -- the disc currently in the CD or DVD disc
>Class disk: A disk
>Plural form:
>     disks
>     ID  small integer  [r/o]  -- the unique ID of this disc (usually a small
>negative number)
>     kind  CDROM/CDR/CDRW/Audio CD/DVD/DVDRAM/DVDR/locked disk/hard disk
>[r/o]  -- the kind of this disc
>     writable  boolean  [r/o]  -- can the disc be written?
>     rewritable  boolean  [r/o]  -- can the disc be erased and rewritten?
>Scott Rossi

It would be nice to give an example of script from RR



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