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Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Thu Jun 6 11:44:01 EDT 2002

Manuel writes:
But we have had this for near 15 years! I started with a mac 128; when the
'mac +' popped up, we could parameter the language in the control panel
Not built in to the OS we haven't! (depending on your language.)  For Japanese and other 'difficult' languages cumbersome
'language kits'  were  required and they seldom worked very well.  Under OSX you can run, for example, traditional Chinese,
Hebrew and Japanese, (oh, and English of course, and have the main menus in any one of these languages...) switching between
them with relative ease.  I'd like to have seen you attempt that 15 years ago!

I repeat, OSX is a multi-lingual marvel.
Manuel  writes:
I am stuck with system 9 anyway: I am converting from HyperCard, going back
and forth. HC doesn't work very well with Sys. 9 and not at all with sys X,
as far as I know.
No, HC works wonderfully under OS9.2 and of course it doesn't work  'directly'  in OSX, but I pop back and forth between Rev
in OSX and HC in OS9 all day!  Its absolutely no different than working under a single OS (except for occasional clipboard 
copying problems).  Indeed, you need not even be aware of the multiple OS's for the most part.  If HC is not working well for
you under OS9, you must have some OS or hardware  problems.
p.s.  after you see how good your Rev apps look under OSX, I doubt you will ever turn back...

mark mitchell

mark mitchell

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