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> Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:38:26 +1000
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> Subject: Oracle Media Objeccts
> Is there a way of importing/ opening OMO stacks in Revolution?
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I don't remember where  I grabbed it, but there is such exporter from
OMO to MC. I guess MC stack can be opened in Rev without problem.
Exporter from OMO requires Mac  and  has  a value of itself because it
makes a very nice textual description of any complexity OMO stack.
I had to modify both OMO exporter and MC Importer stacks a little to
make it work. If you contact me off list I'll send you both original and
modified versions. 
Below is extract from the read me file

OMO to MetaCard Converter 1.0.3B1, August 02, 1998

This converter converts OMO projects to MetaCard stacks.  It is designed
to be run from the Macintosh version of OMO for Export, then either
Macintosh or Windows versions of MetaCard for import.  It requires OMO
version 1.1 or later and MetaCard 2.2B4 or later.  This converter also
assumes you have reasonable familiarity with both OMO and MetaCard.

It consists of a folder called "Exporter" and another called "Importer".

To run, place the contents of the Exporter folder into the "Library"
folder of the OMO distribution.  Open OMO and then open the stack you
want to Export.  Choose "Export entire stack" from the Tool menu. 
(Please note that none of the options should be used or altered in any
way, they are not supported).  Launch MetaCard, then open the "omotomc"
MetaCard document in the Importer folder.  Press Import, and select the
text file you just exported.

Best regards

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