Virtual PC

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Jun 3 09:36:01 CDT 2002

I appreciate everybody's responses.  Success seems to have been 
mixed with speed the problem.  (Plus problems with Red Hat.)

I think the suggestion of getting cheap machines is good, but I 
have found multiboot testing to be tedious.  I might try a hybrid 
approach: quick checks on VPC and extensive testing on a multiboot 
PC.  If I get another PC (or more likely upgrade my dev Pc), I may 
get VPC for the PC.  Virtual machines run very fast on a PC.  I 
think this will be more convenient for testing than multiboot.

I get the impression that VPC will take advantage of G4 features 
and of multiple processors.  The help says the biggest speed 
factors are processor speed and cache.

Dar Scott

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