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Mark Talluto fuegox at
Sun Jun 2 13:00:01 CDT 2002

On Sunday, June 2, 2002, at 07:01  AM, use-revolution-
request at wrote:
> I have just installed Virtual PC on my OS X system.  I hope to use
> this in my initial platform testing for Revolution projects.  I
> think Virtual PC has been mentioned on this list.
> Any warnings or advice?
> If I get a new PC for development before I get a new Mac, I might
> move all this to the PC.
> This will be primarily for Windows testing, but I might set up a
> linux.  I hope to find one in the intersection of those popular,
> those that work on Virtual PC and those that work with Revolution.
> Suggestions?
> Dar Scott

I find using VPC to be invaluable.  The ability to work on the same 
machine has a major advantage during development.  You can do most of 
your work on the Mac side.  When you want to see how it looks on the PC, 
just save the file and drag it over to the PC side.  It is instantly 
there for testing.  Fix what needs to be fixed on the PC side and then 
save it over to the Mac side and start working again.

The faster the Mac, the better.  I have access to a dual gig Mac.  Runs 
really well on that.  But, I also do the same thing on a older power 
book 500 mhz g3.  This is a testament to both Revolution and VPC that 
this works well.

-Mark Talluto

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