Setting the scale of player and relative paths (malte brill)

Jeanne A. E. DeVoto jeanne at
Sun Jun 2 02:05:01 CDT 2002

At 1:56 AM -0700 5/31/2002, malte brill wrote:
>I want to start my movies from a folder called derbrill subfolder mpg
>the absolute path while develloping is
>My stack is in the folder derbrill (right now on Daten.)

In this case, if the application is in "derbrill" and a file called
"file.mpg" is in the subfolder "mpg", the relative path is

One important thing to realize is that every relative path starts at the
defaultFolder. When you first start up the application, the defaultFolder
is the folder that contains the application. If you are using the
Revolution development environment, Revolution is the current application,
so the defaultFolder is set to the Revolution folder. But if you create a
standalone, the standalone is the current application, so the defaultFolder
is set to the folder the standalone is in. The relative path I give above
is for use with a standalone.

(If you change the defaultFolder property in a script of your application,
of course you must take this into account also.)

I mention this because people often become confused: the defaultFolder
location is in one place (the Revolution folder) during development, and in
another place (the application folder) after building the standalone.

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