Geometry In "Multi Background" Stacks

Sarah sarahr at
Mon Jul 29 19:21:01 EDT 2002

Instead of setting the property, you could just use the command 
"revUpdateGeometry" in a preOpenCard handler on any card that you wanted 
to update. I think this does the same as the property does, but under 
more direct control.


On Tuesday, July 30, 2002, at 12:55  AM, Rob Cozens wrote:

>> I've decided to experiment with turning the stack's resizable property 
>> off when at the two cards that don't change control/image size or 
>> location.
> Sarah, et al:
> This seems a quick dead end: even though the screen is locked the 
> window is redrawn because its decorations change.
> Now I'm trying to determine the name of the property that is set when 
> one clicks on "Update geometry before displaying this card".  If I can 
> do that, I can set the property when going from the title card or the 
> index card to a data card but  turn it off when going from data card to 
> data card or data card to title/index.
> Any suggestions as to how to find a property name in the online 
> documentation?
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