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I feel compelled to state a few points:

This is probably one of the best lists that I have been on to date.
Everyone is extremely helpful and many thanks to you all.  When people share
their problems and the resolution to a particular issue is posted we ALL

Special thanks to Sarah, Ken Ray and Klaus Major.  Your repsonses to my
question have been extremely helpful.

Revolution is probably one of the best development environments that I have
worked in.  With each version it will get better.  It has never been easier
for me to develop an application which will run on multiple platforms with
very little effort.  I'm sure I will be going on a all the rides once I
start my testing on each.  :)


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Hi Nicholas.

> I'm having a problem when I add fields from a file into a field.
> I have, say, name, address and phone number.  The text file uses a TAB 
> as
> the delimiter.
> I load it into the list and everything loads just fine.
> However, I can't get the fields to line up.  I'm not sure what the 
> issue is.
> So, if I have the following fields with each item separated by TAB:
> Joe Smith	123 Somestreet	416-999-9999
> Nicholas Feasey	7 MyStreet	416-888-8888
> ...when it gets into the list field it doesn't line up (in the example
> above, for obvious reasons).

These questions have already been answered sufficiently, i think.

> Can I put each item into an individual field and have the three fields
> (Name, Address, Phone Number) scroll in sync?

This is also possible.

In case you might need this in the future, here is how to do that.


You have 3 fields, nicely lined up.
Field 1 and 2 do NOT have a scrollbar.
Field 3 has a scrollbar and you just have to add this to the script of 
fld 3:

on scrollbardrag
   set the scroll of fld 1 to the scroll of me
   set the scroll of fld 2 to the scroll of me
end scrollbardrag

Et voila, they scroll in sync and you are happy :-)


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