How to create a MPEG movie

Claus Dreischer claus at
Tue Jul 23 09:28:01 EDT 2002


>>How to create a MPEG movie,,


> Now, we want to diagnose the fix it for the next upgrade of the
> presentation. Is there a way to query an MPG to determine the CODEC under
> which it was exported? This would help. One could presume if the codec turns
> out to be the exactly same as the small ones, then it has more to do with
> the machine's processing power (i.e maybe our windoz machine doesn't cut it
> for larger movies...) But if the codec is different, then we need to know
> that before we re-run the MPGs from the original data. The movie team
> doesn't want to touch it again until I can give them a definitive answer to
> what codec will work (for sure) on both platforms regardless of the size of
> the movie. If post compression diagnosis of an MPG is not possible, then at
> least an answer to the last question should suffice.

I'm not shure what you mean with the term "CODEC" here.

The spec of MPEG 1 or 2 is not floating, it's (rock) solid.

The only thing that could (should) vary are the parameters used to 
encode the movie, like resolution, bitrate, GOP structure, etc.
So it's not important which programm made the MPEG stream as long as the 
used parameters were correct.

To look inside the parameters of an MPEG stream,
i use the Bitrate Viewer BV:

The free version should give you enough information.


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