Observations Re: Images--Followup

peter.fink at tiscali.ch peter.fink at tiscali.ch
Tue Jul 16 15:45:00 EDT 2002

someone  wrote (my webmailer does not handle this well):
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>To: use-revolution at lists.runrev.com
>>A resizeIcon property would be useful, but if it resizes the image, then
>>has the caveat that if you want to use it in other instances at a different
>>size... what happens?
>It simply proved to be more trouble that it was worth to try to deal 
>with the issue of resizing each image for different sized buttons in 
>the current environment...which is why it would be a useful feature 
>to have built in if it can be done correctly.

I vote for images that can be scaled, cropped, possibly flipped, possibly
rotated by n*90 degrees, sqr(possibly) rotated by any degree.


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