Sarah sarahr at
Tue Jul 9 18:08:01 EDT 2002

This may be because you aren't closing the connection to the POP server 
correctly, so it has to wait until your connection times out. Try 
sending "QUIT" to the POP server and reading it's response, before you 
close the socket.


On Wednesday, July 10, 2002, at 07:46  AM, Larry Forsgren wrote:

> Hi
> I need a bit of assistance on sockets. Trying something like
>   open socket "mailserver:110"
>   read from socket server until linefeed
>   answer it
>   close socket "mailserver:110"
> I get a neat respons such as "+OK Qpop ..."
> When trying to run the script again it fails until
> I restart revolution. Isnt«t it sufficient to close
> the socket before attempting to use it again?
> Any second attempt to access the socket fails,
> such as write to socket etc. I only manage to
> open it and get a response once for every time
> the socket is opened. Please enlighten me
> what I am doing wrong.
> Best regards
> Larry

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