strange Mysql behaviour on os x

Giulio Mastrosanti giulio at
Mon Jul 1 07:09:01 EDT 2002

Hi all,
I have an application working with a mysql database, on the openstack 
event of the mainstack it connects to the database, loads some variable 
data, then asks the user for a password and checks it on the mysql db.
It works fine on mac and windows.
Now I've jumped to os x and I've tryed to build an os x standalone. 
While the applications runs perfect on the os x Rev environment, as a 
standalone the stack appears and immediately crashes.
I put some "answer something..." to discover where crash happens, and i 
find that:

1) the application crashes on the revdb_connect command.
2) if i put an "answer something" command before connecting all is 
working fine!

well, i thinked to myself, maybe it needs some time at startup to load 
the maysql library, so I put a wait some seconds command before 
connecting, but the application waits (i tryed also 20 seconds) and then 

Have someone of you noticed this problem?
Can you suggest me a more elegant workaround than starting my 
application with a message box?



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