Copying parts of pictures to the front

Troy Rollins troy at
Wed Jan 30 19:27:01 EST 2002

Ken Norris (dialup)  wrote:

> What is IShell? Better yet, WHERE is IShell?

Well... Ishell is a multimedia authoring tool. I only mention it in this
forum because I don't see it and Rev as competitive. At my company we use
both every day. Ishell creates titles in a more "multimedia approach". It
has no capability to create a button on it's own, for instance - you HAVE to
use graphic files. In my mind, RunRev creates tools that allows my company
to create tools.

Judge it for yourself -, they have an odd licensing
model, so it's not right for everyone, but I am a "Gold Member". (Note that
I've been a Gold Member for over 2 years there, but we still purchased 2
professional Rev licenses this year - so that should indicate my belief in
both tools.)


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