Playing Sound Clips

Gene Kennedy cyberscope at
Wed Jan 30 00:01:01 EST 2002

Thanks to both Sjoerd Op 't Land and Geoff Canyon for their replies to my call for help.

I apologize for not being able to find the "sound" function in the RR Dictionary myself.  It was just what
I was looking for.

The code provided by Geoff seems correct however, the "playStopped" signal is never detected.  I tried a
breakpoint in the signal handler but it never gets there.  As a result only the first sound clip in the
array is played.  I had the same problem in my earlier experiments trying to solve the original problem of
playing multiple audio clips in rapid succession.  This may be a bug!  Geoff, since you seem to be one of
the stalwarts on this list, perhaps you could verify this?

Best regards and thanks again!
Gene Kennedy

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