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Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Tue Jan 29 10:37:00 EST 2002

At 12:34 PM +0100 1/29/02, Klaus wrote:
>> (wav) file. But how do I generalize the paths in the players so that a
>> downloaded copy of the runrev stack with associated audiofiles will be
>> able to find the audio files without the user's having to know how to
>> link files? Could you use the "default folder" to good effect in this
>> case? Help!
>Help ! ;-)
>Of course you can use relative paths.
>Here's how to:

<snipped a detailed description of getting the location of a stack and setting the default folder>

If you plan to build a standalone (rather than a stack) then this is much easier. The directory defaults to the directory containing the application -- when you are developing in Revolution, it is the directory that contains Revolution, when you build a standalone, it is the directory that contains the standalone. So, when you run as a stack,


refers to a file "new.wav" that is in a folder "soundz" which is in the same directory as the Revolution application. When you run as a standalone, it refers to the file "new.wav" in the folder "soundz" in the same folder as the standalone.

If you locate your resources in a folder relative to the Revolution application, and then in a folder relative to the standalone, you don't have to do anything to reference relative paths.



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