Some kind of memory/purge error

Michael Fisher michael at
Fri Jan 25 14:43:01 EST 2002

Richard D. Miller wrote:

> I'm encountering several problems with proper purging of stacks. Here's
> the
> simplest example:
> I have several stacks open (some are substacks).
> I close one stack (which has the destroystack and destroywindow commands
> in
> it)
> I check the revloadedstacks function and the Application Overview...both
> show the stack as being purged. No sign of it.
> I go to open a different stack which has the SAME stack name (but a
> different file name).
> I immediately get a dialog box asking what I want to do with the previous
> stack (i.e. which has the same stack name).

I can't seem to reproduce this, although I did notice a situation where the
Application Overview doesn't update correctly to remove the listing for a
stack that has been removed from memory.

Would it be possible for you to send me the 2 stacks of the same name?
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