FTP upload anomaly--file opened, but nothing written

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Jan 24 14:14:26 EST 2002

on 1/24/02 7:54 AM, Michael Walas at walas at capital.net wrote:

> Should the line: put gMachinePath of "on uploadToArchives" read put URL
> gMachinePath? If I try to "rapid
> fire" 2 or more get URL "ftp etc.", the second "get" always returns the
> message "-425 Can't build data connection: Address already in use"  This
> reply from the server is written to the log fld of the libURL stack.

Aloha from Hawaii, Michael:
Thanks for responding.... my line is correct... because I can call that same
handler all by itself from the message box and the put fld into URL "ftp..."
Works fine... so, I suspect I am facing the same issue you faced... address
already in use. i.e. apparently libURL is unable to open/read/write thru two
or more sockets asynchronously to the same domain like most FTP clients can

Scott wrote:
> Other than putting the delay in, no.  I've put this in the QA queue
>> for 2.4.2, though, so it will get looked at and, if reproducible,
>> fixed for that.  We should start public testing of 2.4.2 in a few
>> weeks.

> > Sivakatirswami also wrote:
>> Also, there is zero feedback mechanism in the current libURL for an FTP
>> upload... but of course that is being looked into already no doubt.
> You probably know this, but the result of a successful put URL 'ftp
> etc." returns "upload complete"
> put the result into cd fld "Feedback"
Actually I *didn't* know that (where is the documentation?) So, Scott's
"putting delay in" is very doable in this context... in fact I would rather
the user wait, so using a send in to poll the result until upload is
complete should work.

Anyway I finished the project already, resorting to a completely explicit
socket script for both uploads for this very specific file to two separate
directories...fortunately writing your own sockets still seems to work fine
in the latest versions. But I can use the above result/feedback at least to
provide the user with an assurance on single file uploads


> Hope this helps some.

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