Password protecting to hide data

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Jan 24 13:22:24 EST 2002

The password protects the scripts of a stack and the ability to copy 
anything out of it.  It does not prevent opening a stack if you have 
MetaCard or Revolution.

If you're trying to completely hide your data, you can try these options 
(there may be others):

1) place your data in the script of a stack, or an object in the stack, 
and password protect the stack; you will then need to set the passkey of 
the stack before you try to extract the data (you may need to comment 
the lines so MC/REV doesn't try to treat your data as a script)

2) encode your data in an external text file using base64encode or other 
encoding scheme

3) store your encoded data in a user property of a stack

You'll have to try these and see if any is workable for your situation.

On Thursday, January 24, 2002, at 09:14  AM, Richard D. Miller wrote:

> I have no success with this process. I create a new stack, with one 
> field. I
> put some data in it. I set its password from the message box. I save it.
> Nothing happens. I can open the stack later and see everything in it. I 
> can
> freely access the content of the field. If I ask for its password, it 
> gives
> me back an encrypted password. I can't get this to work. Are you 
> certain it
> works in OS9 with 1.1.1? What could I be missing?
> Richard
>> It's pretty straightforward:
>> set the password of stack myStack to mypassword
>> Make sure you save your stack to have the password applied.
>> Then, to "unlock" a stack via script:
>> set the passKey of stack myStack to mypassword
>> To remove password protection from a stack:
>> set the passKey of stack myStack to mypassword
>> set the password of stack myStack to empty
>> And save.


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