What's up with the time functions?

Nelson Zink zink at newmex.com
Wed Jan 23 18:27:01 EST 2002


> And I get exactly the same result; I'm in the UK, and at this time of the
> year that means GMT.  It also makes no difference when I toggled daylight
> savings time in the D&T control panel (admittedly I haven't quit and
> relaunched Rev). Nelson Zink reported this from somewhere on GMT +9.  And I
> also tried converting "6/6/02", just in case there was something really
> 'clever' going on - still 2am.  So I'm not clear how this is daylight
> savings time related?

Through this I found out that my computer was living in Chabarovsk, Russia
while I've been in New Mexico. Not sure how or when this happened, but
anyway.  I've been using Rev to calculate moon rise/set times and have had
to introduce a 2 hour fudge factor to make the times come out right.


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