[Bugs?] Parenthesis, MacOS X and option menu

Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com Roger.E.Eller at sealedair.com
Tue Jan 22 17:54:01 EST 2002


I have no *real* solution, but I can simply verify that I too have seen
this happen
in pop-up menus. They work fine on a PC containing a ")" character, but on
a Mac,
this causes them to be greyed out.  My workaround was to use a square
"]" character instead. I believe it IS A BUG.


> On Windows ME i've created a stack with an option Menu which contains
> these items :
> Easy (CP)
> Moderate (CE)
> Difficult (CM)
> All items are enabled, the menu work fine.
> On MacOS X, all items are disabled. If i delete parenthesis, items are
> enabled.
> on a 68k standalone all items are enabled
> on a PPC standalone all items are disabled
> Other  bug on MacOS X : if you change the label of a standard button,
> the "old image" of this button persist.
> --
> Ludovic THEBAULT
> (Sorry for my poooor english :-)

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