use-revolution digest, Vol 1 #135 - 10 msgs

Mark Mitchell mark_mitchell at
Tue Jan 22 12:48:01 EST 2002

Kevin writes:
Note that at present there are various workarounds that let you display two
byte text, but we are working on getting this right (including text entry
and editing) cross-platform as a top priority.

Excellent!  Because I just found another, potentially major problem with the current setup.  The Ask dialog seems to inherit
the system font, which will be Osaka, on the older (eg 8.5) Japanese OS's.  Now, as you probably know, Rev does not let you
type anything, English or Japanese, into a field set to the Osaka font.  Thus, if you try to run a Rev standalone on an older
Japanese OS, and your standalone contains the "ask" dialog, you are screwed.  It doesn't work.  I just got through replacing
'ask' with my own field (set to a different font) so that I could work around this.

Please please please!  If you can get 2 byte to work as well as it does in hypercard (which even 'knows' that a 'character' is
2byte when dealing with Japanese) I will drink nothing but Scottish brew, for the next year, in your honor :)
p.s. I'll also be happy to translate everything, and be your 'official' Japanese Rev rep!

mark mitchell

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