messages to buttons when the mouse is already down

Terry Judd tsj at
Mon Jan 21 18:06:01 EST 2002

>I would like to track the movement of the mouse through an array of 
>buttons by hilighting each button that the mouse (button already 
>down) passes over. However, the mouseEnter, mouseMove, mouseWithin 
>messages are only sent to the first button because that button 
>receives the mouseDown event and is the target. Similarly the 
>mouseControl function (yes, it took me a couple of tries to notice 
>that it was a function and not a message!) only returns the target.
>How can I get the other buttons to hilight without requiring the 
>user to click each individually?

How about using an idle handler and checking whether the cursor is 
within the rect of the individual buttons - or better still convert 
the mouseloc to an integer reflecting a button position in the array 
- and then set the hilite of the target button (and turn off the 
hilite of any previous target).


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