Serial Ports and RR

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Mon Jan 21 16:42:01 EST 2002


Thanks for that. So far I have failed to get the Script Editor to 
compile and use even the sample scripts provided with the Serac 
additions but then I am not an Applescript user anyway. I was sold a 
Taiwanese thingy as a functional equivalent of the Keyspan. It  is 
recognised by the system profiler and I should find out today if it 
works under OS X. If I can capture data, as I hope, using ZTerm then  I 
will try using Rev accessing a "modem" port.

In case of idle interest, my application is logging charge/discharge 
data from Schulze and Orbit NiCd/NiMH/LiIon fast chargers as used for 
electric flight and 1/10th model car racing. Their data ports use only 
TxD, RxD and Gnd at 9600b/s so the interface is uncomplicated once I get 
the drivers right. The factory-supplied apps are fairly basic and run 
only under Windows, whereas I want to examine multiple data sets in Data 
Desk, to compare charging rates and methods as well as the batteries 


On Tuesday, January 22, 2002, at 03:36 , Gene Kennedy wrote:

> Hi David,
> Yes it is possible to use RR to control/communicate with devices over 
> serial porst
> using a USB-only Mac.  You need to buy a KeySpan USB to Serial adapter 
> (or some
> other competing device).  If you buy a new one you can configure the 
> adapter to
> emulate both the "Printer" and Modem" ports which are then accessable  
> through RR.
> If you buy an older version of the adapter (through ebay or some such 
> outlet) you
> can will be able to access the printer port but probably not the modem 
> port.
> KeySpan's drivers were updated along the way to provide modem port 
> emulation.  I
> have not tried an adapter with the X-10 software yet but, I do have a 
> number of RR
> applications running 24/7 using serial communications via KeySpan 
> adapters.
> Best regards,
> Gene Kennedy
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>> Is it possible to read serial data on a Mac with USB ports? In the
>> Transcript dictionary it refers only to reading Modem and Printer ports
>> which are the old Serial/LocalTalk ports, and I am wondering if these
>> commands will transpose to reading from the USB or if there is another
>> command or technique.
>> thanks
>> David Vaughan
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