Recommended Windows location for a text file

Klaus kmajor at
Mon Jan 21 10:37:01 EST 2002

Hi Richard,

> Where is the recommended location to place a very small "preferences" text
> file on a Windows box? I'd prefer not to ask the user about it. It contains
> only their CD drive letter and a serial number.
> Richard Miller

i would suggest some subfolder of the windows folder.

e.g SYSTEM, there are about 1000 to 2000 files, so one more or less
won't make the difference :-)

-> specialfolderpath(system) & "SYSTEM"

And it is unlikely that average pc-user will ever take a look in that

(It is frightening for a power-user, too ;-)

Hint: Give your file a strange name like "iso_443_ad_tz.ini"...

Know what i mean ? ;-)

BTW: to be used in MC, text-files do not have to have the extension .txt !!!

Take .ini or .prf.

Might also prevent users from doubleclicking that file.

Hope that helps.


Klaus Major <kmajor at>
MetaScape GmbH

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