Arthur Evans Jr evans at
Sun Jan 20 11:41:01 EST 2002

At 23:21 -0800 2002.01.19, Jeanne A. E. DeVoto wrote:

>I've thought about doing this, especially since the problem has cropped up
>on the list twice now. The problem with it is that embedding the function
>in a complete statement makes it more complicated - especially when the
>function call itself is complex, I'm concerned about it causing confusion.
>Of course, I could just stick "get" in front of all the examples, but that
>doesn't always make a statement you'd actually use in a real-world handler.
>And I'm a little concerned about new developers getting the impression that
>"get" is the only way to use a function, as opposed to using it in a
>conditional, etc.

Good point.

>Does anyone else have an opinion about this? Any other ways to make it
>crystal clear that a function can't be used as a complete statement, and
>avoid confusing people?


   put replaceText((line n of textToParse),"red","blue") into ...

That shows replaceText being used a function and doesn't clutter up your
example with where the returned value is placed.

Art Evans

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