Displaying menus beyond the first card

Klaus Major k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de
Fri Jan 18 14:18:01 CST 2002

Hi Richard,

> OK. I see that I actually have to copy and paste the menubar group onto 
> each
> card. I suppose that makes sense...just different from other programs 
> I've
> worked with.

No, no don't copy and paste, please...

Really not necessary, honestly ;-)

Do the following:

Select your group

In the property palette check "Background behaviour" (!)

Go to the card where you want to place that group.

Select menu: Backgrounds...

Select the name of your group in the lower field
click "place", and there you go...

Hope this helps.

If not, please drop a line and i will supply further info.

Peace :-)

Klaus Major
k_major at osnabrueck.netsurf.de

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