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yves COPPE yvescoppe at
Fri Jan 18 13:05:01 EST 2002

>Bonjour Yves,
>I've read some messages in the user.list about copying.
>I've tried to copy an image file (Jpeg) on a mac from a folder into 
>another folder
>try this:
>put URL ("binfile:" & OldfilePath) into URL ("binfile:" & NewfilePath)
>Note the syntax. The brackets are necessary for the URL command
>to work properly. It needs 1 (one) string, so the 2 strings have to be
>concatenated first.
>Au revoir...
>A votre service:-)
>Klaus Major
>k_major at

So something is copied into the right folder but this "something" is 
not an image (jpeg file) but  something unreadable.

I'd like the destination file is also a jpeg image file.


P.S. : Merci pour les commentaires en Français !


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