Printing to the right of the page width

Greg Wills gwills at
Fri Jan 18 07:34:01 EST 2002

Thanks Jeanne. I had tried this previously (and have just tried it 
again to make sure!), but I still don't get what I am after. This 
line prints the area I want to print, but not at the left hand side 
of the page.

With -

print this card from 288,6 to 632,466 into 0,0,344,460

I end up with the area I am after, but off centered at the top of the page.

It looks as though the area to the left of the selected area is 
included in the print area, but just not printed. This is confirmed 
when I use the line;

print this card into 0,0,344,460

(This gives me the whole card printed with the area I had previously 
specified in the exact same position.)

Is this a bug, or am I missing something? (Rev 1.1  OS 9)


>At 7:13 PM -0800 1/16/2002, Greg Wills wrote:
>>Thanks Kevin for your reply. I am using the syntax you suggest. The
>>area I am asking is;
>>print this card from 288,6 to 632,466
>>However only part of this area is printed and to the extreme right of
>>the page. Half of the area to be printed is clipped by the edge of
>>the paper. If I print it in landscape the whole area is printed, but
>>again on the right of the page. I want it to print at the top and
>>left of the page.
>Try this:
>   print this card from 288,6 to 632,466 into 0,0,344,460

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