Richard D. Miller wow at
Wed Jan 16 09:30:01 CST 2002

I'm sure this has been said before, but I had to share my opinion as well.

As someone who has used many Hypercard-like programs over the years,
Revolution continues to impress me beyond my expectations.
definitely has its quirks and bugs, though I'm sure most of those will be
worked out this year. But I'm amazed at the extent of features...both from a
design/layout perspective and with respect to programming commands and
functions. I mean, you guys outdid yourself in many areas! I keep bumping
into new features, one after the next. And useful stuff, no less!

I, for one, pray this software stays around a good while and keeps getting
better. I haven't tried it on Windows yet, let alone Unix...but if it works
almost as well on those platforms, the Rev guys deserve a medal. What a

Richard Miller
The Wood
802-951-2534 fax

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