open socket with message for function?

JohnRule at JohnRule at
Tue Jan 15 09:25:02 EST 2002

  Does anyone know how to open a socket with a message to call a function? I 
know that the "ACCEPT" (with message) can be used for ports, but what about 

  What I want is for Revolution to call a function when I receive data on the 
open socket (this works fine with an open port), but I never get called with 
an open socket. I have to 'manually' get the data. I can poll an open socket 
for data, but even when using the send command, it still affects system 
performance. I don't mind getting the data manually (I'm getting kind of 
spoiled I guess with Revolution doing everything for me), but the performance 
is terrible. I think it is the combination of the "SEND" commands (every 100 
ms), and all of the read requests from the socket buffer that is doing there another way?


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