Can you build Complex Database Apps with RR?

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Mon Jan 14 12:27:02 CST 2002

>I was just wondering if anyone out there is building large complex database
>front ends with Runtime Revolution?  Is it suitable for this type of

Hi Todd,

I believe you will find RunRev exactly what you are looking for.

It is SQL savy, if you want to go that route, or one can create a custom
dataBase stack as I am doing.  My original work was done in HyperCard, and
the only working prototype I can point you to is in HyperCard.  If you're
working on a Mac platform you can download my demo at

Included in the demo is a library stack containing db scripts and two
example single-user databases.  The demo itself shows you what kind of user
interface one can build using HyperCard...wait 'til you see what I can do
using Revolution.  In any case, the interface allows user accses to any
record in the db in six mouse-clicks or less from ANY screen and to process
transaction entry without ever typing on the keyboard.

Rob Cozens
CCW, Serendipity Software Company

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